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Leo is a forest dweller. Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius and second half of Sagittarius are human. Cancer and Pisces are aquatic. Scorpio is insect. Kundali Match or Guna Milan Kundali matching also called as Guna Milan is the first step in ascertaining the marriage compatibility. Guna Milan happens as per the detailed guidelines given in the astrological texts of the Vedic tradition.

Guna Milan helps determine the stability and longevity of the relationship between the birde and groom looking forward to marry. There are 36 Gunas listed out by the scriptures for comparing. Read Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Such fallen Kshatriyas got intermixed to give rise to cultures of. These people started talking languages other than Sanskrit and were mainly indulging in theft and oppression of people they ruled.

Sutas should drive chariots.

Calculation of Varna

Ambashthas should look after hospital. Vaidehikas should do service of the forts and palaces. Magadhs are suited for business and commerce. Nishaad eat fish , Andromeda flesh , ayogava tvasti , and madgus eat jungle birds. Kshatra , Ugra and Pukkas eat animals living in holes and bila. Digvan will make leather and Ven can act as musicians or vessel makers. They can also live on collecting herbs , wood , materials found in caves and forests.

Chandaals can breed donkeys and dogs. They have right over dead. These are nomads. The have jewelleries made of iron and forest output. These can burn unclaimed dead bodies. Talking harshly and behaving abrashly and less culture are the chief qualities of mixed society. Ahimsa , truth , cleanliness and control over senses are chief qualities of higher birth. Seven generation of a Bramhin if indulged in Kingship it becomes Kshatriya , if indulged in Commerce then it becomes Vaishya and if in service then they shudras.

A good person doing a bad act and a bad person doing a good act cannot become equals. So one should always indulge in work which is suited to ones qualities. In times of calamity Bramhin can live like a Kshatriya when that is not possible he can take up farming and commerce.

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He should not sell milk , liquids or flesh. There is no restriction on living for shudra , he can eat anything he can live as per his choice , there is no binding on him. Such vidhi nishedh should not be forced upon him.

If shudra wants to do some dharma karya , he can carry it out without mantras. Thus 64 castes gives rise to castes. At this point divorce , adultery and remarraiges becomes a habitual quality of the progeny. So two types Kunda and Golakas are segregated to form castes. Kunda and golakas are those born to women from others when husband is alive and second to those when husband is dead. These children are absolutely freewilled.

Vedic Varnas (Castes)

They do not bind to any kind of rules regulations and culture. Such swechhcharis[ Mletchas] should be guided by the King with the rule of Law. Related Category:. Kalatra Kamuk taranga. Like Like.

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Recently learned from discourse that if one marries outside his caste vijathi —one will go to naraka Name of naraka: Nobodha? Is it so? I think you have said somewhere that we can marry but we have follow some procedure … what is that procedure. Let us speak purely from the shastra point of view..

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A person of a caste can marry anyone from his caste and other caste down the order of his caste.. A person should always have dharma patni.. Like Liked by 2 people. Dear Sir, first of all thank you so much for this wonderful post. Father has a right over a girl only till she has first rajodarhsna.. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Dear Sir, but thats no solution. I am a brahmin boy. Can i marry a kshatriya girl?

आपका वर्ण ही आपकी मनोदशा और सुख-दुख का कारण है ! (ज्योतिष और वर्ण) PT. D.K. SHARMA "VATSA"

Is it considered inter cast marriage? I hear some people saying brahmin and kshatriya are almost same so they could be classified as a similar cast.